Talking Music: Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello

Formed in 1999, Gogol Bordello took their style of Eastern European-influenced gypsy punk and doused it deep into the underground rock of New York City.

Having worked with numerous grandmasters of production including Rick Rubin, Steve Albini, Andrew Scheps, and Victor Van Vugt, the bands forthcoming tenth album, Seekers and Finders brings Gogol Bordello full circle with frontman Eugene Hutz taking over the producer’s chair. 

Andy Howells recently put questions to Eugene about the band.

Can you tell us what the inspiration was behind Gogol Bordello coming together?

To demonstrate that walking a unique path is still possible even in a world of Nazi zombies.

You combine Gypsy Punk with a very theatrical look to your shows which is quite different and special, how well does that go down with audiences?

Thank you, yes, our worldwide fan audience has been fantastic…

You have a new album out can you tell us about that?

It’s titled Seekers and Finders. it literally springs out from its main line where ” Not all seekers will be finders”

So, what are we seeking and what are we finding, you may ask?
It appeared to be that when all seeking and finding in your life fails, what remains is love telepathy, which is really the centre theme of the album. love telepathy as response – ability to broadcast and receive love on intuitive level… all analytical nonsense aside…

it goes through many songs, and the band really does an extraordinary job in capturing that broadcast of love that is coming from a collective of enraged souls.

If someone was listening to you for the first-time which track would you say best defines you as a band?

At the moment, I’d go with “Clearvojance”, but that will change in 10 minutes from now…

Do you love vinyl or digital and what do you like listening to now?

In fact, as we speak, right on this tour, we made sure to equip ourselves with a bust-load of those trendy retro turntables, as it is indeed much more exciting listening to music coming out straight from the vinyl Instead of YouTube where some ###hole pops up to ruin your mood for that song before you even get to the song, right? So, we got several Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds albums, new and old ones, all solid … and o yeah, Sivert Hoyem album, a Norwegian singer that I really like… met him last summer at Norwegian Festival…

Where can people find out more about you?

From my mother, perhaps? She really is a collector of all Gogol Bordello memorabilia.
Other than that, i crack pretty much wide open on stage – No X-Ray equipment necessary… and so is the rest of the Gogol Bordello musicians… Thankyou

  • Seekers and Finders will be released on August 25, 2017 via Cooking Vinyl. Pre-orders available now here.