Talking Music: Billie Fox Discusses Debut EP Run

Singer/songwriter Billie Fox, a young recording artist from South London, released her debut EP Run, earlier this year. The track Spread your wings was produced by Dick Crippen, bassist from 80s chart act Tenpole Tudor, Andy Howells recently caught up with Billie to discuss the EP.

What lead you to becoming a musician?
I was brought up around music. My Nan played piano and always had one sitting in her living room where I would play and learn the songs I loved. For my 8th Christmas she got me a guitar which for years I didn’t play until I was 15 because I wanted to stand out in my music GCSE class. I was a singer but there were loads of other singers in the class so I wanted to learn to play an instrument and be different. I then went on to study performing arts at college so have since been surrounded with creativity. I’ve been writing songs since I picked up the guitar and it’s only expanded my ability to sing and to play.


So what inspired your new EP ‘Run’?
The EP has 6 tracks where each one resembles a different aspect of my life. It’s a way of introducing me and letting my audience know a little more about me and my music. What I like about these songs is that they can relate to anyone and their own circumstances. I named it ‘Run’ as this EP is about just running with an idea to see how far you can take it. It’s also about running away from the old and running towards the new.

The track Spread Your Wings was produced by Dick Crippen formerly of Tenpole Tudor, what was it like working with him?
He’s a genius. He was like a mind reader and knew exactly what I wanted. He’s an awesome guy and extremely talented. It was amazing how I’d go into the studio, go home and by the next session it would sound exactly how I’d wanted it too. He never failed to amaze me.

What else are you working on presently?
I’m currently working on gigging as much as possible, getting my name out there and just writing new material. I also do some acting on the side which keeps me motivated. I’m off to Uni to finish BA in Theatre Arts in September too, so also getting prepared for that.

What are you listening to at the moment and what’s a must-have on your personal playlist?
I’m loving Ed Sheeran. Rag ‘N’ bone man’s albums at the moment. I love a bit of old skool garage if I’m driving. And my latest listen if I’m just chilling is Tash Sultana. If you haven’t heard of her check her out. She is absolutely insane. Incredibly talented!

Where can we keep in touch with what you are doing online?
My Facebook @billiefoxmusic is where all my music is and where you can get the EP and keep up to date with gigs. Instagram is also a quick fire of all the events @billiemarie_fox and my Snapchat is where I post everything that goes on behind the scenes. @thefoxie and no, it’s not as in ‘foxie’ it’s Fox and the ‘ie’ from my name Billie.