Dancers Invited For RAFT Auditions

Gwyn Emberton Dance are looking for local people from age 14+, who might be interested in joining the company in performing their new work RAFT this autumn. They are looking for people in/around Newport and Cardiff. They need up to 25 per show, they can be individuals or a group. In exchange for a one day introductory workshop, participants will join the company on stage, as the local cast for the performance in their town/area.

You do not need any experience in dance, performing or theatre, but you will need to be comfortable with walking, running and moving about, and appearing on the stage.
In the one day workshop, which will be held in Newport, you will learn about the making of RAFT, and explore physical themes and ideas behind the work, led by Lara Ward, the company’s animateur.

You will also meet the rest of the local cast and the other members of the company. The evening before the performance in October, You will join the company on stage, and learn what they will do in a rehearsal setting on the evening before the performance (18 October). The following afternoon/evening, you will then join the company for a dress rehearsal and then the performance on the October 19.

Rehearsal schedule:
Saturday 14 October – Workshop (full day)
Wednesday 18 October – Rehearsal (4pm – 8pm)
Thursday 19 October – Dress Rehearsal and performance (4pm – 8.45/9.00pm)

  • If you or your group are interested in being involved, please get in touch with or phone on 07545 562524