Talking Theatre: Terri Dwyer Discusses The Ghost’s Touch – Part 2

Andy Howells continues his interview with actress Terri Dwyer currently touring with Mark Homer in Rumpus Theatre Company’s touring production Wilkie Collin’s The Ghost Touch which plays Cardiff’s New Theatre from October 3.

Today, following the first part of our interview with Terri Dwyer,  the former Hollyoaks star discusses how she has progressed as an actress on the theatre stage. As well as her current role as the ghostly Mrs Zant, Terri has recently featured in prominent roles in stage presentations of The Revlon Girl and the Agatha Christie classic Dial M for Murder.

“I feel as an actress I evolve a lot more in the theatre and then what you learn about characters you can take on to a film or TV set,” Terri tells Andy Howells. “It’s the characters I’m usually drawn to. (Mrs Zant) particularly has a big journey, a real big range and every time you step on to the stage you are finding something new.

“.In Dial M for Murder it took me ages to realise why everyone was laughing on this one line and then I realised that they couldn’t believe little old me had killed this big old burly murderer. You do your work on a script, get into a rehearsal room and then two weeks after opening night, you play a line a different way and you think “Oh! Gosh! That’s how it was supposed to be played!”

Terri Dwyer and Mark Homer in  The Ghost's TouchTerri Dwyer and Mark Homer in  The Ghost's Touch

Terri Dwyer and Mark Homer in The Ghost’s Touch

Terri loves the instant reaction of a theatre audience.

She continues, “It is very responsive. You can hear a pin drop sometimes, particularly in this play because it’s not a laugh a minute play, although there a couple of laughs in it.

“It’s a spine chilling ghost story and there are a couple of times when I’m speaking and I’m thinking “Gosh! I can hear them listening!” if that’s at all possible.”

The UK tour of The Ghost’s Touch will keep Terri busy into 2018.

“It’s on and off until February,” she confirms, “It’s very difficult for any working mum to balance a home life. Theatre really suits me because I get to do what I love but I also get home to be a mum and a wife!”

Terri is also looking forward to returning to the Welsh Capital.

“The Welsh crowd have always been very kind to me,” she says, “I really hope that continues and they come and see us in Cardiff because the New Theatre is a beautiful place and there’s no better feeling than walking out to a lively full audience.”

  • The Ghost’s Touch plays at Cardiff’s New Theatre for a limited run from October 3-5.

  • For further details on The Ghost’s Touch UK tour visit

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