The Welsh Exotic: Wheels In Motion For New Projects

Hello and welcome to my first official column in my new role as a columnist for Entertainment South Wales!

I have always wanted to have my own column even as a young girl and my first foray into that was being part of the budding journalist kid’s bluebird column with South Wales Echo newspaper; if anyone remembers that back in the late 90s?! 

I hope you all enjoyed the quick fire round questions in my introduction  If you have any burning questions you want to know, then tweet me @TheWelshExotic and I will do my best to answer them in a future column.


Things have continued to be hectic over the last couple of weeks since my intro column where I briefly touched on some of the projects I have been focusing  on, but  there is never a dull moment! 

I recently begun a musical collaboration with the supremely talented Jefferson Lobo, a guitarist and songwriter who will be accompanying me on gigs, of which I will be revealing more about soon. 

We have started rehearsing together and it’s great to get back to singing, something of which I haven’t had the time while concentrating on other projects. I am really looking forward to the gigs we have coming up.

I will be posting instagram live videos of some of our rehearsals so stay tuned and follow me on instagram  to see more. To check out Jefferson’s music, check out the video below


This month, I am also getting back to acting rehearsals for RATS- Rose Against The System , a play of which  I featured in earlier this year at the Wales Millennium Centre.

This time, some of the original cast will be creating a children’s version of the show that will be performed at Butetown Community Centre on Halloween. If you never got chance to see the show the first time around then I encourage you to come along and check out what the show is all about!

RATS - Rose Against The System will be performed at Butetown Community CentreRATS - Rose Against The System will be performed at Butetown Community Centre

RATS – Rose Against The System will be performed at Butetown Community Centre


For those of you who follow my WordPress or Twitter, you will see that I am developing a BAME female verbatim piece detailing the journeys of female migrants to the UK through the generations.

I got the idea to create this project in the past year and finally the wheels are set in motion to get started. I am currently conducting interviews with women interested in sharing their stories and am particularly interested in challenging and unusual journeys to the UK.

For more information or if you would like to be involved in some way then please email me at

I have an exciting project that I am developing which is an addition to my creative practices but also linked to them which is likely to begin shortly and continue on into 2018 so will tell you all about it when I can!

I would love to hear from you if you have any questions, or any issues you would like to me to address i.e. arts industry, then please email on the email link above. I will start covering subject issues in the next couple of columns. 

  • In the meantime for all my goings on follow me on both Twitter and Instagram: @TheWelshExotic
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