CD Review: The Dave Miller Set – Mr Guy Fawkes (The Complete Spin Records & More)

As much as the 1960s music scene was diverse and brimming with quality there were some artists that never quite had the success they deserved, despite their records getting strong airplay and having great appeal.

Australian Group The Dave Miller Set were both popular and hardworking on the east coast scene in the late 1960s and Mr Guy Fawkes – The Complete Spin Recordings and more (1967-1970) is a 19 track compilation that features many long deleted and hard to find tracks.

The collection of psyche-pop they recorded for The Spin label is led by the bands psychedelic rocker Mr Guy Fawkes, which was Go Set Magazine‘s single of the year for 1969. 

While tracks such as Someone is Sure To and Why? Why? Why? might tempt the listener to draw comparisons to Syd Barret era Pink Floyd, the Dave Miller set also display much in the way of diversity with catchy pop.  Having a Party has  a distinct Northern Soul singalong vibe and is a real lost classic

Their rendition of The Youngbloods 1967 hit Get Together is both polished and enjoyable while Does Anybody Know What Time It Is has a brassy sound reminiscent of The Beatles Got To Get You Into My Life but with a more playful arrangement.

With lush production and arrangements from Pat Aulton, The Dave Miller Set’ s Spin recordings could sit neatly alongside anything West Coast music scene chart heavyweights were doing during the late 60s.

Even though these recordings didn’t reach a bigger audience at the time, its good they didn’t get totally left behind and now remastered and rediscovered  this RPM compilation redresses the balance.

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