My Music DNA: Eddy Geach of JAWS

Revelling in the jubilant reception to their sophomore record. Midlands outfit, JAWS are extending their Simplicity tour with a series of UK dates including a date at Cardiff’s Globe on November 21.

The additional dates come as something of a victory lap for the band made up of singer/guitarist, Connor Schofield, guitarist Alex Hudson and drummer Eddy Geach  as they look to close out their touring cycle for their warmly received Simplicity record on a high, and before knuckling down on their next studio venture.  

Andy Howells recently found out what made up drummer Eddy’s music DNA.

The first song that made an impact on you

Lynyrd Skynyrd – Freebird. When i was about 4/5, My dad used to whack his old vinyl on and when it got to the fast bit we’d jump around the living room air guitaring. Still do that now occasionally. It made me want to do music

The first single /download you bought

Sum 41 – In Too Deep. I bought it because i had spiky hair and baggy jeans with a chain so that music matched my look

The first album you owned

I think it was Linkin Park – Hybrid Theory. Up to that point id borrow my big brother’s CD’s. That album was just so class and literally the coolest thing to listen to as a 5-year-old.

Your constant go-to track

It’s really metal but Killswitch Engage – My Curse. Puts me in a good mood. Those clean guitars at the start make me wanna cry!

Your constant go-to album

Led Zeppelin IV. I’ve always said that would be my desert island disc. It has everything on it you could possibly need. 

Your latest music discovery

The last band i went all in on to see what the fuss was about was Radiohead. I’m so glad i did now. It’s pure genius

Your own track that best defines you as an artist.

Gold – it’s been our set-ender for ages now. It has that guitar sound that can be found in most our songs and a catchy chorus and an undertone of sadness to it. Pretty much sums us up.