My Music DNA: Leif Volebekk

Canadian indie folk multi-instrumentalist Leif Vollebekk is currently touring the UK with his new album and plays Louisiana, Bristol on November 19. 

Vollebekk wrote the ten-song ‘Twin Solitude’ while re-calibrating from a creatively taxing period on the road, a time where his own songs just didn’t feel right to him. He began to find beauty in the everyday vignettes that made up his life at home and on the road: finding inspiration in a bike ride, a Moog synthesizer, an untuned guitar, a Nick Drake record.

Andy Howells recently found out what makes up  Leif’s music DNA.

The first song that made an impact on you

The Beatles’ “Help!” when I was 6 years old. The sound of those vocal harmonies is one of the greatest things on earth. 

The first album you owned

“Beatles 20 Greatest Hits.” It was a gift. Then I wore out the cassette and bought it again, twice.

Your constant go to track

Right now I keep listening to Thin Lizzy’s “Running Back.” 

Your constant go to album

Bob Dylan “Blood on the Tracks,” I like to revisit every few years. Nothing sounds anything like it, before or since. 

Your latest music discovery

I just played a show in Gothenburg with Sea Lion. She was wonderful. 

Your own track that best defines you as an artist

“Elegy” and “Into the Ether.”  They’re the last two tracks I recorded – they’re the closest to me right now.

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