The Welsh Exotic: Planting The Seeds For Positivity In The Arts

Hello and welcome to my latest column for Entertainment South Wales.

For those who read my last column,  you will have seen that I am currently working on a few different projects, in particular, my writing project- BAME Migrant Women through the Generations.

I am meeting with organisations all over Wales who are helping facilitate interviews with different generations of migrant women. However, I am still happy to meet with women who feel they can contribute to my research by sharing their stories of cultural integration in Wales. If you would like to get in touch then drop me an email on

As some of you may know I am expanding on my social media and blog name, The Welsh Exotic, and my illustration for the brand is now complete and will be launched along with my vlogging site in the first of half of 2018.

I am happy to say that joining me as part of my team is the talented Rianne Davelaar, who will be overseeing the production side of the brand and has a background in camera directing, producing and many different aspects of production. At the heart of the ethos of The Welsh Exotic is female empowerment and has evolved so much from what it started out to be. It really all started out as a quirky, tongue in cheek social media name as a friend of mine referred to me like the UN- because of my different ethnicities but now it is much more about being strong in my identity of what that is physically, emotionally and celebrating difference and diversity. 

The media and press have always come under scrutiny for their use of language, none so more than the major UK headlines over the past few years in relation to migrants, Brexit; to name but a few.

With my current writing on BAME communities I have become increasingly aware of how damaging, fear mongering and damn right insulting language has been abused by newspapers and journalists knowing fully well of the suspected back lash and aiming the vitriol at the most vulnerable in society. 

The turbulent political time we are in only re-emphasise the paramount importance of using the right language in press and media. We only have to look back to our former PM, David Cameron’s language in describing migrants as a ‘swarm’, to see how dangerous it is when those in the highest roles of power make ignorant statements that unfortunately plant a seed in some of the public’s mind. 

National Theatre Wales 2018 Season: Photo: National Theatre Wales National Theatre Wales 2018 Season: Photo: National Theatre Wales 

National Theatre Wales 2018 Season: Photo: National Theatre Wales 

On a positive note I am happy to see National Theatre of Wales 2018 Season is focussed on people and places and the NHS which has transformed lives, preserved lives and is something we must fight for in the uncertain times ahead.

I am particularly excited by Storm 2 as part of their six series productions of the timely named Storm Cycle as it details the events of 1919 race riots in South Wales.  It’s unfathomable to think that we are caught up in similar precarious times following the Brexit vote and seeing hate crime on the rise with race incidents being the highest statistic, but I hope this body of work plants a seed in the minds of many that we must unite to prevent history repeating itself. 

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