Christmas With Radio Cardiff: Donna Heart and Soul

Continuing our series in which Radio Cardiff presenters tell us what they love  about the Christmas season, today, Andy Howells puts questions to the presenter of The Heart and Soul Show (Sunday evenings, 9pm) , Donna Sibanda AKA Donna Heart and Soul.

How did you get involved with radio?

I studied journalism in university many moons ago, but had to leave the fun stuff get a job in the real world. Years later I became friends with people involved with Radio Cardiff and started to volunteer there. I jumped at the chance of having my own radio show and that’s how Heart and Soul was created. 

Tell us about Heart and Soul ?

Heart and Soul is Cardiff’s only late Sunday night love hour. I play R&B, Soul, Reggae and Sexy Slow Jams. The show is based around listener’s dedications and requests. Each week, we also have a Heart to Heart, or Relationship Dilemma segment. This is where listeners share their happy love stories or relationship issues. I give my honest and frank advice every time! 

What has been your favourite experience since getting involved with Radio Cardiff?

My favourite experience must be the late-night election party. 

If you could pick anyone to interview living or dead who would it be, why and what would you ask them?

I would absolutely love to interview Alicia Keys. The reason is because a single week can’t go by without a request to play an Alicia Keys love song. I’d ask her to name and talk about a true-life story that inspired one of her songs. 

Vinyl or Digital?

Digital please! 

What was the first record/CD/Download you owned?

Michael Jackson – Dangerous album on tape and CD

Do you have a favourite Christmas song and does it evoke any memories for you?

I’ve gotta say ‘All I Want for Christmas is You’. Lots of memories of dancing and singing to it at every single Christmas party. I also know all the lyrics!! 

Do you have a film old or new you intend to watch or re-watch over the Christmas period?

Maybe an old one like ‘Home Alone’. I always wished I was the person left behind. 

Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet?

Nope. I do it Christmas Eve. What’s gone is gone! 

Donna Heart and Soul can be heard on Radio Cardiff every Sunday evening at 9pm.Donna Heart and Soul can be heard on Radio Cardiff every Sunday evening at 9pm.

Donna Heart and Soul can be heard on Radio Cardiff every Sunday evening at 9pm.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

I cook Christmas dinner for over 12 people each year. So, a house full of people Christmas day is my tradition. 

What’s your wish for 2018?

To become a successful Heart and Soul Matchmaker for the lonely hearts of Cardiff. I have some Singles parties and blind date nights coming up. Search my social media pages for more information or email if interested.

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