Christmas With Radio Cardiff: Emily Williams

Our final Radio Cardiff presenter in our Christmas with Radio Cardiff series is Emily Williams, who answers questions put to her by Andy Howells…

How did you get involved with radio? 

 I’m Venue Manager for the Welsh Centre for International Affairs and as our mission is to inspire action,  knowledge and understanding of global issues to the citizens of Wales, Radio Cardiff is a fabulous vehicle to do that, so I asked for a slot!

Tell us about the show you present

Temple Vibes goes out on Thursdays 9am-11am on Radio Cardiff. The content is music I love (uplifting or challenging) conversations with interesting people doing campaigning on important issues.

What has been your favourite experience since getting involved with Radio Cardiff?  

Seeing the station grow in output, presenters and listeners

If you could pick anyone to interview living or dead who would it be, why and what would you ask them?  

Bill Hicks because he was an integral man with vision and cynical optimism and I’d ask him if now he’s been dead for some time, does he still think life is a ride or is it a dead end?

Vinyl or Digital?  


What was the first record you owned? 

Can’t remember but Bay City Rollers’ Bye Bye Baby was one of them 

Do you have a favourite Christmas song and does it evoke any memories for you?  

No, not really

Do you have a film old or new you intend to watch or re watch over the Christmas period?  

Some Like it Hot, my favourite!

Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet? 


What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?  

Making edible homemade pressies

What’s your wish for 2018? 

To become a millionaire and put pressure on those in power to make a positive contribution where they can – money ALWAYS talks

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