Christmas With Radio Cardiff: Humie Webbe

Our Christmas series shining a light on Cardiff presenters continues, today as Andy Howells puts questions to Humie Webbe who presents The Jazz Train on Sundays from 10-11am.

How did you get involved with radio?

Through involvement with community projects in the (Cardiff) Bay such as Butetown Carnival, Dock of the Bay, Tiger Bay FM and Butetown Community Choirs and as a singer who used to gig a lot in the Bay – way back when!

Tell us about the show you present

My show features cool, smooth funky swinging jazz to ease people into their Sundays.  Focus on easy listening jazz people with tunes people can hum along too like Ella Fitzgerald classic recordings or tap your foot to like the jump jive rhythms of Louis Prima.  Also give a bit of history on the different genres that have informed jazz such as gospel, bluegrass, blues.

What has been your favourite experience since getting involved with Radio Cardiff?

Exploring the music and getting to share my love of jazz with the listeners through Black History Month where I focus on jazz and its links to the civil rights movement

If you could pick anyone to interview living or dead who would it be, why and what would you ask them?

Frank Sinatra – everything about the Rat Pack

Vinyl or Digital?


What was the first record you owned?

First Single T-Rex Solid Gold Easy Action First Album – Rufizised by Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan

Do you have a favourite Christmas song, and does it evoke any memories for you?

Not a fan of Christmas songs but if I had to choose it would be Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas.  Reminds me of my childhood watching black and white films on TV

Do you have a film old or new you intend to watch or re watch over the Christmas period?

Yes – Elf and Die Hard

Have you bought all your Christmas presents yet?


What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

Christmas dinner!

What’s your wish for 2018?

Peace, happiness and good health!