Newbridge Memo’s Dementia Friendly Movie Screenings

After being one of only seven venues in Wales to participate in World Alzheimer’s Month Newbridge Memo continues to offer dementia friendly events with a Memory Café and new Film Screening venture.

Operating within a relaxed setting which offers quieter volume levels, lighted seating area during the screenings and an accommodating environment customers can see a range of films which they will fondly remember from the past on the big screen. The venues viewings are also suitable for those with special needs or disabilities.

On Monday 23rd April , there will be a dementia friendly, relaxed viewing of Summer Holiday with Cliff Richard and Lauri Peters. On June 25th there will be Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds and Donald O Connor in Singin in the Rain. Doors open at 10 am and the film starts at 10.30, with plenty of time to buy ice cream form the usherette!

A prominent feature of the Memo’s brochure are also its Memory Cafés. On the 2nd Monday of each month, this free event runs between 10AM and 12PM and offers a range of activities to participate in. Activities include watching films and listening to music to handling physical objects from the past, in order to encourage and stimulate memories. If that’s not enough then along with the free cost of entry refreshments will also be provided free of charge.