The Welsh Exotic: Finding Clarity Through Self-Development

Hello and welcome to my Spring column for Entertainment South Wales!

Apologies for my absence I have had a busy February/March with writing deadlines which I will tell you more about later on. It’s good to have some time to update all my other projects and actually take some time later on next month for some rest and recuperation. I tend to rarely take time to relax and really do love working and pushing forward with projects but have found that in order to get the best out of you it is really important to allow yourself some time to chill out in between the madness of work life. 

The Artists Way  by Julia CameronThe Artists Way  by Julia Cameron

The Artists Way by Julia Cameron

The Artist’s Way

Following on from that, I have been keeping up with my Morning Pages; as part of the creative program of Julia Cameron’s ‘The Artist’s Way’. Morning Pages are similar to diary entries but they are aimed at clearing your head of all the thoughts that are blocking your artistic flow. It is also referred to as a brain dump and I am sure that term explains itself!

I would highly recommend this book, not only to artists but for those wishing to get some clarity on what could be hindering our self development as well as career development. I believe it is vital to re-examine the blocks in our life and if some of the people in our life our hindering our development. I have found in recent months that people who drop in negative words into conversations when you are talking about being positive or work plans are people who you need to distance yourself from.

Sometimes these people are wolves in sheep’s clothing who are only interested in you when they think they can control you or want you to rely on them solely; therefore alienating you from other friends and your progress. People who manipulate others in this kind of way are toxic and that kind of energy will only cause you harm. Click here for link to purchasing The Artist’s Way

Moniack Mhor, Scotland  Photo: Danielle FahiyaMoniack Mhor, Scotland  Photo: Danielle Fahiya

Moniack Mhor, Scotland Photo: Danielle Fahiya

Script update

The main reason for my absence is that I have been working hard on my script which is inspired by my own family history of migrants to Wales and completing my Arts Council Wales training and career development grant project. This project saw me start off in the fantastic hub of Scottish creative writing- Moniack Mhor in Scotland (more info on my website here) and branch out into my local community interviewing different generations of migrants as well as ethnic minority creative artists. I am currently having the footage collected and sent over to me so check out my wordpress page link here to keep an eye on when that footage is uploaded.

Having the chance to not only delve into my own family history and the fascinating history of others gave me a real understanding of the different journeys and experiences of different generations. One of the most interesting observations I had was the habits of a British nation with racism and discrimination and how no matter what the generation, history has repeated itself time and time again. The next stage of this project is having my script developed further, work-shopped and showcased, so I am in the process of meeting with different new writing companies to take my script to the next stage. 

Unexploded Ordinances  Photo: www.split-britches.comUnexploded Ordinances  Photo:

Unexploded Ordinances Photo:

Unexploded Ordinances

I had the pleasure of attending the launch of The Weston Studio’s new season of work at Wales Millennium Centre this past week and saw the brilliant Split Britches production of their new show- Unexploded Ordnances which was a fantastic inclusive show that encouraged audience participation about the big issues we all have an opinion about.

This show gave a chance to those who don’t always get the opportunity to voice their opinions; the elder generation, and quite literally put them in the hot seats of the show. This launch night was to celebrate a season of work that has the curious explored in bold, brave and an ambitious way, with many female writers, directors showcasing their work for the first time. Please see link here to my review of Unexploded Ordnances and more about the new season

Gentle/Radical,  an exciting grassroots forum based in CardiffGentle/Radical,  an exciting grassroots forum based in Cardiff

Gentle/Radical, an exciting grassroots forum based in Cardiff


There is a very exciting grassroots project that has begun in Cardiff called Gentle/Radical. It focuses on the power of imagination to transform how we perceive inequalities and privilege and I attended their second forum last weekend which brought together men and women from all walks of life to openly and freely discuss the issues to bring about social change and explore creative ways to do that.

This is a great group to be a part of no matter your artistic background as it encourages people to attend from all industries who share the common passion of bringing about necessary change in areas where institutional bodies are failing.

You can find more about the group on their Twitter handle @gentle_hq or alternatively click here to their facebook page 

  • It would be so great to hear what you think of some of the things I have spoken about in this month’s column or any questions you might have for me, so tweet me @TheWelshExotic 
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