Talking Music: Ducking Punches’ Dan Allen Discusses Le Pub Gig

Hailing from Norwich, Ducking Punches are a punk / folk / rock quartet that now have over a thousand shows under their belt, from a European tour in 2014 with Frank Turner and Andrew Jackson Jihad, to playing festival sets at Reading and Leeds.

With three former albums, including their first on XMR, Fizzy Brain, they’ve collectively cranked the vitality and volume while building melody, texture and drama with violins, gang vocals and amplification, all the while retaining the pace and dynamics that brought Ducking Punches to such live acclaim.

The band are currently touring the UK performing material from their new album, Alamort and will be stopping off at Newport’s Le Public Space on April 17 performing new songs including Sobriety and Distant Shadows.

Andy Howells recently put questions to Dan Allen of the band.

What lead you to decide you want to become a musician?

I’ve been surrounded my music my entire life from my family and it became a natural progression and was sparked when I fell in love with punk rock. 

Who are your biggest music influences?

The Cure are my favourite band and I’m also a big fan of The Descendents. 

Can you tell us a little more about your new release Alamort?

It’s an intentionally more honest and heavier record than we’ve made before. It felt essential to us. The writing process was very cathartic and there are a couple of song on there that saved my life. 

If there’s a track that best defines Ducking Punches  as a band what is it and why?

Smoking Spot probably. It’s a song about relishing and cherishing the time you spend with your best friends and we spend A LOT of time together, which is the best feeling. 

What can people expect from your forthcoming show at Le Pub?

A lot of fun, a sense of community and some facts about Newport. 

What are you listening to presently?

Nervus, Harker, Racquet Club, Spanish Love Songs 

  • Ducking Punches play Newport’s Le Pub on April 17
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