Singer/Songwriter Molly Tuttle To Play Cardiff

Guitarist of the Year at the 2017 IBMA Awards and Spotify sensation, Molly Tuttle, who is co-headlining a tour with Rachel Baiman, will play Tiny Rebel in Cardiff on Tuesday May 1

Of her debut solo EP, Rise, Molly reveals the scope of her diverse influences. Produced by Kai Welch the seven-song collection builds a bridge from bluegrass to Americana as Molly breaks free without breaking ties, singing and exploring what her six-string acoustic guitar can do. 

“I love coming up with interesting guitar parts that don’t really fit––that don’t sound like any specific genre or any other guitar players,”

Molly says, home in Nashville the day before heading back out to tour. “I am hoping to create my own sound. To find some new ground.”

When asked what she hopes listeners experience listening to Rise, Molly doesn’t hesitate:

“I hope it can bring comfort to and move people. I wrote some of these songs to try to bring positivity to tough situations. Really, I just want to bring people joy.”

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