Talking Music: Floralyn George Interview – Part 2

Today we continue our chat with Alternative, Electro pop Singer/Songwriter, Harpist and Model, Floralyn George who has followed the release of her debut EP When Light Falls Asleep with a mesmerising reimagination of Coolio’s 1995 smash hit Gangsta’s Paradise.

Floralyn George Who has recently released her version of Coolio's  Gangsta's ParadiseFloralyn George Who has recently released her version of Coolio's  Gangsta's Paradise

Floralyn George Who has recently released her version of Coolio’s Gangsta’s Paradise

Your music has a strong following across social media, how important is it for an artist to have a social media presence?

I find it very important! But I do it mostly because it’s fun. For example, where I live at the moment (Cornwall) there is not much going in winter, so I tend to close myself off, write songs, connect with people online and keep going till my next adventure outside of town.

Summer is coming so there are a lot of festivals going on. That’s a great opportunity for me to engage with my international audience and show them what is going on at wherever I am at that moment. If I don’t share anything for a while, they start messaging me and asking me if I am okay or when is my next gig or release. So I try to stay present as much as possible. Now I have an e-mail list as well which makes things easier in case someone doesn’t see my social media posts.

You have just released a fantastic video of your rendition of Gangsta’s Paradise. Its very unique and has your definitive stamp on it. what inspired you to record the song? 

Thank you, I am glad you like it. It has quite an interesting story behind it actually. I used to be in a girls band called “Monsta Chicks” where I was the harpist. We had a flute, cello, acoustic guitar, percussionist and a lead singer.

Our project was inspired by the Postmodern Jukebox and we wanted to do something in a similar kind of vibe. However, our band split a while ago, years later I had to ask the manager we used to have if I can release the version on my own and rearrange it for harp. A year after he agreed, now anyone can listen to it for free and watch the video on my YouTube Channel.

Have you get any other recordings your working on at the moment or any releases upcoming? 

Yes, I am working constantly. May and June I am recording two new singles which are going to be release one after another so they don’t cross over. I am very positive about both songs! We will see how it goes *fingers crossed.

What are you listening to at the moment?

 I am addicted to the new song of David Guetta & Sia – Flames. Another one I like is the tropical house duo Soffi Tukker, they are very interesting. Also, its one year later since the release and I still can’t stop listening to the  “Migration” album by Bonobo. 

Have you got any live dates upcoming and will you be playing South Wales anytime in the future?

I have got a lot of dates coming up for Cornwall. There is going to be a Harp Festival in May. Also for London but not for South Wales yet. However, if I receive a nice invitation to perform there, I definitely won’t miss the opportunity to visit my fans. It’s gonna be amazing!

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