Folk Stars Calan To Play Abergavenny

The masters of Welsh folk Calan are performing at the Borough Theatre, Abergavenny on Saturday 26 May at 7:30pm.

The international award winning band from Wales is back on the road with their infectious rhythms and high energy routines. They come with accordion, harp, guitar, fiddles and Welsh bagpipes along with a virtuoso performance from a champion step dancer.

It’s 10 years since Calan released their debut album – Bling and during those 10 years they’ve blasted their way through the old traditions giving a fresh and contemporary sound to traditional Welsh music. Credited for their sparkling melodies, foot tapping tunes and spirited and energetic performances of Welsh step dancing, they’ve taken Welsh traditional music to international audiences.

Calan have released three further studio albums – Jonah, Dinas and Solomon and the compilation album Deg |10 is a combination of their favourite tracks along with three brand new songs, two live recordings and two brand new remixes of previous singles ‘Apparition’ and ‘Synnwyr Solomon’. Calan are heading out on tour again and everyone is looking forward to seeing where the next 10 years will take them!

  • Tickets are priced at £15 and are available from the box office 01873 850805 or the theatre’s website