Lord Of The Rings Charity Walk Ahead of Caerphilly Comic Con

WALKERS making their way up Pen-y-Fan on Sunday, June 3, may well do a double take as the popular attraction becomes the location for a Lord of the Rings-themed fundraising event. The event, named Assault on Mount Doom, is aiming to attract around 100 families who will dress up as characters from the Lord of the Rings Fellowship, all with the aim of raising awareness for Sense’s TouchBase Cymru (Wales) Centre in Caerphilly and Caerphilly Comic Con, which is raising money for the charity.

Vik Yadh, organiser of Caerphilly Comic Con, which takes place on Saturday, June 9, at St Cenydd Leisure Centre, Caerphilly, said: “I’m going to be dressed as Gandalf the Scottish Indian and will be joined by my family.”

Vik is borrowing the costume from Marigold Costumes – https://www.marigoldcostumes.co.uk – while the sword and staff have been specially made for the event by Alex from The Wodewose 

Vik said: “There will also be a few sponsors of the Comic Con and the charity taking part. We will be joined by Simon, Sense’s Wales Operations Manager, as well as a number of staff and families from the TouchBase Centre. Stephen, Bank Manager from Santander’s Caerphilly branch will be there, as well as Simon Tilley, a teacher from Nant-y-Parc Primary School, who will also be running the gaming challenge at the Comic Con.”

He added: “Anyone can join us on the day. We are looking for 100 families but will be over the moon at 100 people!”

Vik says all adults need to be dressed as Humans, Dwarves, Elves or Wizards, while children should dress as Hobbits.

He said: “You can make the costumes from recycled materials or even bed sheets for the Hobbits’ cloaks.”

If you would like to take part meet at Pen-y-Fan car park at 10am on June 3. For further information on the location, the route and more visit http://allaboutwales.com/routes-up-pen-y-fan

Remember to keep an eye on the weather forecast when considering climbing Pen-y-Fan.
While it is totally voluntary as a day out, Vik asks that any families or people joining them donate to the JustGiving page 

Vik, who has already taken part in the Newport Marathon to raise money for the TouchBase centre, said: “This walk up Pen-y-Fan will link to the Caerphilly Comic Con by getting families dressing up in the costumes of famous films or scenes. It will also allow families who look after family members with disabilities to come and enjoy a day out. Even if they don’t walk up, just come and support the walk before it sets off and/or when we come back.”

Vik thanked Morrison’s Caerphilly for donating 100 bottles of water to give out after the walk and said they are still looking for more sponsors who can donate more water, cereal bars or dry snacks.

All the money raised will be put into a pot and added to collections made at the Comic Con. The total will then be submitted to Santander for a donor matching application.