My Music DNA: Jordan Allen

Greater Manchester four piece Jordan Allen kick off their UK tour at Cardiff’s Moon Club on June 7.  Comprising Danny Quin (Guitar), Kieran Loughran (Bass), and Nathan Howard (Drums), the band are led by charismatic front man and lyricist, Jordan.  
Andy Howells puts questions to Jordan to find out more about his music DNA. 
What was the first song that made an impact on you? 

U2 – Elevation in my Dad’s car on the way to football as a kid. I liked it cos it was about a mole digging in a hole! 

What was the  first single /download you bought ? 

Mika – Grace Kelly (For a girl, she didn’t go out with me.) 

What was the first album you owned ? 

Courteeners – St.Jude

What’s your constant go to track? 

Earth, Wind & Fire – September as it’s the greatest party anthem of all time 

What’s your constant go-to album? 

Jamie T – Carry on the Grudge came out at a tough time in my life and I know every lyric to every song, Very underrated album! 

What’s your latest music discovery?  

VIDA! Mates of ours from Alloa, Scotland fantastic band!

Your own track that best defines you as an artist? 

110 Ways to Make Things Better!  It’s about dealing with my Dad’s brain tumour and how there are always 110 ways to make things better! We want to make people smile, that is what this band is all about!