CD REVIEW: The Naked Citizens Featuring Suzi Chunk – Space Touring

You can always count on South Wales’ label, Country Mile Records,  to get behind something listenable, fun and maybe even a bit retro. Adding to recent releases that have included skiffle (Railroad Bill) and Psych harmony-pop (Burning Ferns) we now have classic disco, 70’s style.

The North-East’s own Suzi Chunk, has been gigging and recording in South Wales for the last few decades and is perhaps best known for her 2012 album, Girl from The Neck Down.Space Touring is her latest release with the synth-led, The Naked Citizens, 

Featuring a guitar riff that could have been played by Nile Rodgers and synthesizer disco beats akin to  those that set the charts into new territory in 1978 , Space Touring could have easily been recorded back then and sent into warp drive 40 years in the future.

A contagious dance number which is carried forward by Suzi’s strong disco diva stylised vocals, Space Touring should be a hit, could be a hit and certainly deserves to be. There are also two further mixes by Richard Morris of The Grid destined for download and compilation album release (and well worth checking out – one can imagine these been played to death on 12 inch formats back in the 80s!).

Lets hope radio gets behind and gives it some airplay, in the meantime set the space-time co-ordinates set for the dance-floor!

  • For further details on Space Touring, which is available for download from July 6, 2018, head over to Country Mile’s wensite.


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