The Legend Continues As Navi Celebrates Michael Jackson With Cardiff Show

GET ready to moonwalk the night away as the world’s No.1 Michael Jackson tribute show comes to St David’s Hall on Friday 13 July – and it even got a standing ovation from the man himself!

Michael Jackson may no longer be with us, but his legacy lives on and now you can experience the unbelievable energy of one of his live gigs in King of Pop: The Legend Continues… Plus, this spectacular show even features Michael’s guitarist, the incredible Jennifer Batten, who played with him for 10 years across three sell-out world tours and at the iconic Super Bowl performance!

The cast is led by the incredible impersonator Navi, who is undoubtedly the leading and most successful MJ tribute artist on the planet. This claim is backed up by his endless list of achievements across a glittering career spanning over two decades and shows in well over 50 countries.

Unquestionably, the biggest highlight came in 2003 when Navi was invited to perform at Michael Jackson’s 45th birthday party in Los Angeles! And the real King of Pop loved every minute of it – giving Navi two thumbs up and calling him “incredible!” An even bigger moment was to follow the next day when he was invited to Neverland where he had a tour of Jackson’s home, theme park, zoo and cinema followed by a barbecue! 

Their friendship continued and Navi was frequently hand-picked by Jackson to work for him. This included even coming out of hotels as a decoy to distract waiting fans and press whilst the real Michael Jackson quietly slipped out the back exit! He was also hired for promotions of forthcoming tours and album launches. Plus, Navi has even spent thousands of pounds rebuilding his face to become the spitting image of his hero! It’s with very good reason that he’s widely considered the most authentic Michael Jackson tribute around. This year Navi was also chosen by Hollywood and received critical acclaim after starring as MJ in the new movie Michael Jackson: Searching for Neverland.

King of Pop also features a superbly choreographed live band and dancers, who assist Navi in perfectly recreating all the classics from the early Jackson 5 tunes to huge hits including Thriller, Billie Jean and Smooth Criminal. 

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