CD Review: Georgia Fearn – Perfect On Paper

A Mixture of melodic folk-pop, electrifying rock combined with jazz-soaked vocals and tracks that echo in your mind long after they have stopped is the sum of Carmarthen singer/songwriter Georgia Fearn’s debut album release, Perfect on Paper.

The album kicks off with L’Amour, an ill-fated love song with a catchy hook that has echoes of Eddi Reader and Fairground Attraction’s Cajun simplicity but peppered with a vibrant freshness.

It becomes apparent very quickly that Georgia has an ear for a catchy tune.

While Master of Jazz, Catch Me If You Can and Misty Mae all underlay rock music with a rootsy energy, Does It Ever Make You Wonder takes a different approach with a multi-layered string and piano accompaniment lead by a powerful vocal that commands several listens.

Georgia displays a musical prowess and lyrical maturity well beyond her seventeen years via the brutal honesty reflected in Sharp Objects and the beautiful message that makes up Always Be Yours.

Perfect on Paper and on evidence, every other available format, Georgia Fearn’s album debut is one of the most exciting new releases from Wales for 2018, certainly one to watch!

For more details check out Georgia’s official website

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