Talking Music: Sarah Brown Discusses New Single, Living In Sin

Cardiff based singer/songwriter, Sarah Brown recently released her second single Living In Sin

Packed with rocking guitar riffs and plenty of attitude, the fiery follow up to ‘Nobody’s Home’ takes no prisoners with its bold, brazen lyrics and Sarah’s trademark powerful vocal.

Andy Howells recently put questions to Sarah about her new single.

It’s been over a year since your debut release, Nobody’s Home. How was that received by people and how have you developed as a singer/songwriter since then?

I was so happy with how the release of Nobody’s Home went, people seemed to really like it and it got lots of support from BBC Radio Wales. Its been a long year of ups and downs since and I have learned many lessons which I think is showing in the songs I’m writing. I’m more comfortable just being myself and pouring my heart out.

Your new release is Living in Sin, what’s the inspiration behind that?

It’s based on the idea of having your own morals for yourself. For me, it was about a time when I was in a negative relationship and I had always promised myself I wouldn’t waste time being unhappy like I’d seen people around me do, so I had to take a step back and make a change.

It’s quite rocky with plenty of attitude, do you love rocking out?

Ha Ha, who doesn’t?

Who are your rock influences?

I wouldn’t say I’m particularly into rock music. Living In Sin started as a ballad I wrote on piano and then my guitarist and producer developed it into this epic bond-esque tune. It wasn’t how I originally intended it to sound but I love the direction it went and how edgy it is.

Sarah Brown’s latest single is called  Living In Sin.Sarah Brown’s latest single is called  Living In Sin.

Sarah Brown’s latest single is called Living In Sin.

What else are you working on presently?

I’ve been back in the studio for the last few weeks bringing more of my songs to life, I have lots more to come!

Are there any live dates coming up?

I am planning my first headline show in Cardiff for early next year, I will be updating more info through my mailing list and social media.

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