Wrestling Star Reveals Even The Bad Guys Are Heroes

“I am definitely a good guy” assures Gloucester-based wrestler Justin Sysum to Andy Howells when discussing the forthcoming World of Sport Wrestling tour which comes to Newport Centre on January 19, 2019.

Following World of Sport Wrestling’s triumphant return to ITV this year, fans can now see their favourite wrestlers live in the ring.  

At 6ft 1, Justin Sysum trained in American Football and throwing the hammer. Pitted against some of the villains of the world, Justin never backs down from a challenge.

“ I play a superhero, like a real-life superhero,” continues Justin. “I have a cape and I go out there and try and defend anybody who can’t defend themselves and I always go after the biggest baddest character. Its quite a fun role to play!”

Justin admits that his heroic character does have a foot in reality and reveals that if he does see anyone who needs help, he will always make an effort to do the right thing.

“It’s so much easier to play a character based on you because you the volume up a little bit…” says Justin.

“To be honest, there aren’t any real villains in the wrestling world. All those guys that are doing that, they are the true heroes because I get to go out there and be the hero!”

Justin thinks fans will love the forthcoming live WOS shows too.

“You’re never going to be too far away from the action,” he says, “We won’t be holding back, it’ll be a great production. full lighting rig, pyro-technics and things like that. I think its going to be a good show!”

Hear Justin chat to Andy Howells about the forthcoming WOS Wrestling Tour on the Entertainment South Wales Audio Supplement Podcast.

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