Remembering Two Music Legends We Lost in 2018, Eddy Amoo & Chas Hodges

Its always a sad time when we lose people who have contributed to our life music soundtracks. Although Eddy Amoo and Chas Hodges were identified with different music genres, their genius as songwriters and performers is undisputed.

2018 saw us bid farewell to both Eddie and Chas, I hadn’t met either of them in person but had been privileged to conduct phone interviews with both of them over the last five years (in Chas’ case twice!).

I spoke to Eddy of Liverpool soul-band The Real Thing in 2014, prior to the band playing Cardiff’s St David’s Hall, Sadly, I never made the gig, but it was a real pleasure to chat to Eddy about his career and particularly his early days in Liverpool when he was invited along with his original group, The Chants by Paul McCartney to perform with The Beatles at The Cavern Club.

Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave was another music legend, whose music career stretched back to the 1960s performing in The Outlaws and later Cliff Bennett’s Rebel Rousers, as well as supporting American rockers Jerry Lee Lewis and Gene Vincent on European tours.

Chas was quick and ready to share anecdotes on both occasions I chatted with him and appreciated my questions about his career so much,he sent me two copies of his solo albums because he thought I’d enjoy them! I did – thank you and bless you Chas!

The Real thing featuring Eddy AmooThe Real thing featuring Eddy Amoo

The Real thing featuring Eddy Amoo

Eddy Amoo (1944-2018)

“You make sure the tracks reach out to everybody and not just the people who were there at the time that’s basically the secret to our longevity “

Read Andy Howells 2014 interview with Eddy Amoo

Chas Hodges of Chas & DaveChas Hodges of Chas & Dave

Chas Hodges of Chas & Dave

Chas Hodges (1943-2018)

“We still do a 70s set because there’s all sorts of stuff Dave and I were doing when we first got together, We just grabbed songs out of the air and made them our own!!”

Read Andy Howells tribute to Chas Hodges with extracts from interviews with Chas

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