Review: The Girl With Incredibly Long Hair, Blackwood Miners Institute

We Made This are just beginning their 2019 run of ‘The Girl with the Incredibly Long Hair,’ due to play this Easter at Theatr Brycheiniog, Brecon and Chapter, Cardiff. It presented an atmosphere perfectly suited to spring, with its hopping bunnies, singing bees and blooming gardens.

The re-imagining of the classic fairy-tale centres on Rapunzel, her very un-witch-like Mam and Daf, her new friend who has a talent for baking delicious cakes. The young pair go on an adventure while Mam tends to her beautiful garden and her busy bees.

All children love a bit of silliness and Daf does not disappoint. Giggles abounded among the trees as Daf found himself lost and confused. He and the other characters were relatable, familiar and the children’s theatre version of a cwtch.

It was such an immersive and unique experience. The level of audience interaction was delightfully engaging. Because the audience were all sat in and around the set you could see each child having an individual experience with the characters. We played hide and seek, had a magical tea party and made dreams come true. Rapunzel asked my daughter to keep a secret; she whispered, ‘Shhhhh, don’t tell Mam.’ A magical moment of connection and understanding.

I am so very grateful to We Made This because in today’s busy world we slowed down for an hour and escaped into the heart of the woods.

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