Multi-Instrumentalist Micah Erenberg To Do It For Love In Bristol

Canadian multi-instrumentalist, singer-songwriter Micah Erenberg recently released his ‘Somewhere Beyond the Ocean’ single, a captivating and poetic song, which is now followed up by an equally endearing offering, ‘Do It for Love’.

The song coincides with Micah’s UK Tour which sees him play The Vaults, Bristol on May 15, 2019. The Manitoba-based artist is gearing up to release a full length later this year.

Micah has much to say about ‘Do It for Love’ and its heart-warming sources of inspiration.

“This one’s about the unpredictability of friendships,” he begins. “You never know what kind of people you’ll end up meeting. You never know who people will grow into with time. Sometimes those who you least expect to bond with end up meaning so much to you.

“I met this guy at a community house/artspace place in LA. He really didn’t like me too much. Not until I played some TVZ. Turns out we had a lot more in common than we thought. Over the next 3 months we ended up spending some of the greatest times of our lives together. And then I had to move home. We thought we might never see each other again.

“Four years later I’m playing a song about him in a bar in Minneapolis, and guess who walks in? That was a pretty special moment. Sometimes you don’t know who or what you’re waiting for and then it all comes pretty clear, pretty fast.”

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