Book Review: Newport History Tour by Jan Preece (Amberley Publishing)

During my years living in Newport, I have more than become aware of the City’s cultural history. Of course, to gain any sort of culture, there must be atmospherics and places to be inspired.

The last century has seen buildings and developments come, not quite arrive and go before people even knew how they had impacted on their everyday lives. Some places have acquired stories, legendary status even, meaning different things to so many different people.

The pocket-sized pictorial dossier Newport History Tour by Jan Preece offers a unique personal insight into the South Wales City. Through pictures, past and present, the reader is transported along 50 familiar sites including The Westgate Hotel, Tredegar House, St Woolos Cathedral and The Newport Wetlands.

There are also pictorial reminders of long-lost buildings such as The Lyceum, Pill’s Old Police Station, The Town Hall and nuggets of information that add a sense of depth to each photograph.

Handy if you’re visiting Newport, or if you wish to trace the steps of history mentioned by your parents or Grandparents. Newport History Tour clearly marks out each location on a useful map, allowing readers to make their own personal discoveries across Newport and perhaps rekindle some specific memories along the way.

  • Newport History Tour by Jan Preece is published by Amberley Books.

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