Stewart Francis Heads Into The Punset At Monmouth

Throughout 2018 and 2019, stand-up legend Stewart Francis has embarked on an epic tour of the UK and Ireland. This is no ordinary tour, however, for it is, sadly, his very last (well, as a stand-up comedian anyway).

Into The Punset is the name of this tour, and it sees Stewart hold back the tears as he says goodbye to the good show-goers who have made his job such great fun over the last decade or so. But as a fully paid up comedian, who takes his vocation very seriously to boot, through the tears is a constant desire to arouse boundless joy in his audience.

So, expect some tears, yes, but more to the point expect the veritable barrel of laughs that can be expected of a punmaster of Stewart Francis’ calibre.

  • Into the Punset rolls into the Savoy, Monmouth on Friday, 29th November. Be prepared for a superb performance!

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