New Single From Henry’s Funeral Shoe – High Shoulders Everywhere

South Wales duo Henry’s Funeral Shoe are to release of the new single “High Shoulders Everywhere” taken from the band’s forthcoming album “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole” due for release on 20th September 2019.

“High Shoulders Everywhere” captures the true soul of this record: a colossal sound, so intense, so rich and so powerful, that seems too big for two musicians. The vocals are gritty, earthy and fiery. The guitar riffs are raw and deep, yet precise and to the point. The drums, with their unstoppable hand-clapping beat, create a contagious rhythm that keeps you on your toes for the entire song.

The Clifford brothers comment:

“Starting like a thunderstorm aggressively stamping its authority over the daybreak with no respite. Relentless pounding drums with fuzzy spiky slide guitar. It’s only over when the fat lady dies.”  

Produced by Tim Hamill and Henry’s Funeral Shoe, “Smart Phone Rabbit Hole” showcases a mature band that has finely crafted their sound injecting contemporary rock with a blend of audacious and honest old-school bluesy rock, warm country vibes and soulful vocals.

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