Newport’s Riverfront Theatre Wants To Know Your Favourite Song!

This September, Newport’s Riverfront Theatre & Arts Centre want to find out their audience’s favourite song. This campaign runs alongside a production of National Theatre Wales’ tender, warm, poignant, moving and very funny Peggy’s Song on Wednesday 25 September.

Peggy’s Song is set in St Bevan’s Hospital during DJ Danny Walkman’s request night show. Danny’s gags and record collection might be criminal, but under it all he has a heart of gold, a quiet sadness and a real care for people. After his show, Danny has a chance encounter with Peggy. A plain- speaking firecracker, she’s been sleeping rough for years and isn’t afraid to call a spade a shovel.

The pair have nothing in common except music. Everyone likes music, don’t they? Everyone’s got a song, and if there’s one thing Danny Walkman is good at, it’s getting people to tell him what their song is. Peggy doesn’t give much away, so it’s a race against time for Danny to get past all her years of bad times to find and play Peggy’s song.

Music is a key theme throughout the play – and the idea of music as therapy to get you through difficult times, and music that moves you as an individual. Taking inspiration from the show, The Riverfront want to find out about their audience’s song choices. What are their favourite songs? Do they have a certain song linked to special memories? If their audience could only listen to one song ever again what would it be?

To let The Riverfront know what your song is, comment on their social media channels, Facebook TheRiverfront, Twitter RiverfrontArts and Instagram RiverfrontArts, or email your song selection to You will have an opportunity to listen to the completed playlist for yourself in The Riverfront on Wednesday 25 September prior to the start of the show, or if you can’t wait that long search for the playlist ‘Peggy’s Song – The Riverfront’ on Spotify (

  • To book your tickets to Peggy’s Song on Wednesday 25 September call 01633 656757 or visit

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