Elvana Combines Best of Elvis & Nirvana For Unique Show

Elvana, the embodiment of a ‘joke that got out of hand’ is heading to Cardiff’s Tramshed on November 8!

What started as a bunch of friends from the North East of England assembling an Elvis fronted Nirvana tribute for a friend’s fancy dress party has snowballed 4 years later into a tribute act that has taken the UK by storm.

Front man Elvis, who openly claims that he probably isn’t the best Elvis impersonator in the room, commands the audience with equal parts humour and swagger; jumpsuit clad. It’s a truly bizarre but excellent sight to behold. With his tongue planted firmly in the crevice of his lip-curled cheek, the ‘King of Grunge’ can mostly be found gyrating his hips on top of an amp, wholeheartedly crooning to his adoring crowd. 

Elvana will rock Cardiff’s Tramshed on November 8Elvana will rock Cardiff’s Tramshed on November 8

Elvana will rock Cardiff’s Tramshed on November 8

Holding this familiarly grunge, punk rock Vegas performance together, we have an incredibly authentic Nirvana backing band of screeching guitar, pumping bass line and powerful drums. The band, all dressed in 50s style tuxedos and spats footwear, plough confidently through the Nirvana back catalogue whilst meticulously splicing cuts of Elvis’ finest moments into the set.

Fan favourite ‘Breed’ glides elegantly into ‘Viva Las Vegas’ and iconic anthem ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ is introduced with a crowd-pleasing rendition of ‘A Little Less Conversation.’ It doesn’t end there; the whole set is tied together with twin cheerleader/backing vocalists, who sprinkle that essential, magical powdering of Vegas Casino onto the evening’s entertainment. 

 Tickets are available from seetickets.com/tour/elvana