Angela Barnes’ Rescheduled Rose Tinted Show At Cardiff’s Glee Club

Stand-up star Angela Barnes is set to play her rescheduled show, Rose Tinted at Cardiff’s Glee Club this October.

You may have seen or heard Angela on several topical comedy TV and radio shows, and do you know what? She is just about fed up of the news! She’s anxious, she’s depressed, and she’s fatigued. Bored of Brexit, tired of Trump and knackered by North Korea. The world is going to hell in a handcart and Angela, a natural pessimist, is fed up of commentating on it all as it happens.

But can a renowned pessimist like Angela really find it in herself to accentuate the positive, look on the bright side and pop on her rose-tinted specs to make the bad stuff go away? Just for a little bit? Like maybe for an hour?

Or is she better off confronting the horrible stuff and laughing in its ugly face? This is stand-up and stories from a woman who is just, like the rest of us, trying to live her life… and wouldn’t mind a taste of that ignorant bliss she’s heard so much about!

  • Catch Angela Barnes at Cardiff’s Glee Club on Wednesday, October 16, 2019.

  • Full details on Angela’s tour can be found at

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