Welsh Music Stars Bounce Into St David’s Day With Cave Concert!

Welsh musicians gave a whole new meaning to leap year when they kick started St David’s Day celebrations with a gig at an underground trampoline park in north Wales.

On February 29, the first ever gig at Zip World Bounce Below hard hat wearing music lovers bounced around on trampolines to the latest streamed music coming out of Wales right now.

Combining the best of the country’s landscape and music, the intimate but lively performance to bouncing gig-goers was organised by Visit Wales to celebrate the Year of Outdoors.

The bill included rock duo Alffa, who in 2019 became the most streamed Welsh language act ever. Recalling their experience, the band said:

 “We’ve never been more excited for a gig before. It was an amazing experience to play in such a surreal venue. We’ll never forget it!”

Also taking to the stage was Bryde who said:

“It’s been so lovely to be a part of re-using an old space for something so positive. The acoustics were beautiful.”

Joining Alffa and Bryde was BBC Horizons 12 alumni’s young soul and jazz artist, Kizzy Crawford, who added:

“It’s no secret that nature is hugely influential in my music, so it felt really fitting to be able to bring this to life at Bounce Below. It’s definitely the most unique venue I’ve ever played at!”

  • To plan an outdoor adventure in Wales, visit visitwales.com/YearOfOutdoors. Share your one of a kind experiences using #ThisismyWales #FindyourEpic @visitwales

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