Book Review: Paranormal Wales by Mark Rees (Amberley Publishing)

Mark Rees takes a trip around the most haunted country in the world in his latest book, Paranormal Wales.

From the peaks of Snowdonia via the dark depths of the abandoned mines and haunted theatres to Margam Castle, Paranormal Wales is a historical record of disembodied voices, supernatural mists and pesky poltergeists in familiar places.

I enjoyed Paranormal Wales because it includes places I’ve been to and can go to.

I especially enjoyed reading about Newport’s Tredegar House because I’ve been there many times and the book has facts you don’t necessarily learn about in the classroom including “Evan Morgan, 2nd Viscount Tredegar, who had a seemingly insatiable thirst for the occult”

There are also connections of legendary figures such as Dracula creator, Bram Stoker, the manager of actor Sir Henry Irving who accompanied Irving on a lengthy tour which ended at Swansea Grand Theatre in 1904, a year before Irving’s death.  

There is also the haunted history of Craig-Y-Nos, the one-time home of Italian opera singer Adelina Patti.

Alive with stories that won’t die, you’ll never find elsewhere and packed with photographs Paranormal Wales is informative and authoritative.

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