Performances For Lockdown: William Shakespeare Birthday Tributes by Everyman Youth Theatre & Everyman Theatre, Cardiff

In the wake of the Coronavirus pandemic, Entertainment South Wales is all too aware of the frustration and sadness caused while we remain in lockdown and isolation.

We felt during this period we would like to turn over our YouTube channel to local performers from the professional and amateur mediums, not only to encourage them but also bring a smile to the faces of people who enjoy watching them perform.

All we ask is if you watch the video and enjoy it, share it on your social media channels and support the artist in any way you can by encouraging or even buying a ticket to their next show!

As April 23 is the anniversary of William Shakespeare birth in 1564, we are turning the spotlight over to members of Everyman Youth Theatre and Everyman Theatre Cardiff to pay their tributes to The Bard.

Everyman Youth Theatre Perform William Shakespeare’s All The World’s A Stage

The first video is a performance of Shakespeare’s All The World’s a Stage by Everyman Youth Theatre, who have still been hard at work rehearsing in isolation, but still together thanks to the modern day wonders of social media technology. Sarah Bawler, coordinator of Everyman Youth Theatre explains:

“Although the young people have been disheartened by several productions being cancelled and so many of them not getting the chance to take their exams, the group are coming together and working creatively not only in terms of making film, but writing, talking and improvising.”

Everyman Theatre Perform Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55

The second video to be featured spotlights adult performers from Everyman Theatre bringing to life Shakespeare’s Sonnet 55. As before the piece is recited by group members in isolation but magically brought together on screen by Sarah Bawler.

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