Listening In: Boyd Clack Launches New Podcast, Boyd Clack on Radio 666

  • Boyd Clack releases a new podcast series, Boyd Clack on Radio 666 in April 2020

  • Six episodes of Boyd Clack on Radio 666 will be available via

  • Two episodes have been released amid COVID19 Pandemic

With the COVID19 pandemic returning people to traditional forms of entertainment, you could say that Boyd Clack has all angles covered on the entertainment spectrum in sound and vision. The Canadian born Welsh writer, actor, and musician, not only has a new book, River of Souls released via Lulu, but also BBC Iplayer have released a complete run of his much loved comedy series, High Hopes and now he has entered the world of podcasting!

Boyd Clack on Radio 666 finds him trapped inside a wireless otherworld, stirring up memories of pre-digital radio days, tuning in to a favourite radio station before interference steps in and takes the listener elsewhere!

Boyd’s collaborator on the podcast, producer Grant Moon of Curly Carton Productions originally put the idea to Boyd as he explained to Andy Howells:

“I know it is a cliché, but Boyd is a national treasure. I got to know him at our local café about a year ago. I was aware of his work and loved Satellite City (Boyd’s first written comedy series for the BBC) especially. 

“I knew in my bones that a podcast would be a perfect medium for him. He could have total control over the content and could say practically anything he wanted. No interference from commissioning editors or PR types – just Maximum Boyd, a direct line straight to his fans and friends.”

Listen to “Episode One: Ham Salad – Anne from Tonyrefail – Mad Lady In The Nightmare” on Spreaker.

Boyd describes the premise of the show:

“The basic idea is me with my late-night radio phone in show, (something incidentally I should have had for years), talking to callers. The tuning of the radio slips in and out, so we go to other stations and listen to things on them, always returning to the phone in.  It is funny but there are some serious pieces and some music too!”

Grant adds:

“Holding it all together is Boyd’s Phone-In, in which he speaks to a range of eccentric characters. It’s all Boyd of course, it’s all from his big, wonderful brain. Some of the material’s from his personal archive of material created and amassed over the years; most of it is newly written and recorded for the podcast. It’s great stuff, I’ve spoiled so many takes laughing at the punchlines!”

Listen to “Episode Two: A Welshman In Chicago – 'The Sheep Whisperer' – 'Black Wedding Cake'” on Spreaker.

The series is set to run for six episodes, two of which have now been recorded and released. However, fate then stepped in as Boyd explains:

“The COVID19 crisis halted us mid flow.  We decided to release the two we had finished because we thought they would be a nice break for people holed up.  There is a third we might be able to get together too!”

Boyd Clack on Radio 666, will no doubt appease many of Boyd’s existing fans and open a door of discovery for new ones as Grant reveals:

““Radio 666 is designed to be a surreal, psychedelic experience for Boyd’s huge fan-base and we would love to bring in new listeners open to something fresh and different and edgy. In the end, Boyd and I are making Radio 666 purely for the love of it. It is free, of course, and it’s a joy to do!”

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