Throwback Thursday: Can You Help Identify This Stage Performer?

A bit of a different Throwback Thursday this week to the enormous world of theatre, music and performance. In this case, I am not quite certain who I’m throwing back to, except that the lady in question appears to have been a stage actress or dancer.

Old Photographs Found In West Wales

Around a decade ago, I purchased several old photographs from an old book shop in West Wales. The gentleman who sold me the photos had no idea of her identity.

The photos were not marked so I had no idea who the subject was. The photographs look like they could date from either the 1940s or 50s and show the lady in question arriving by car, reading from a script, been attended to by dressers, receiving a massage, in discussion on a stage and apparently watching a performance from a seat.

I have no clue as to where the photographs were taken, but I think they are quite a striking collection and were possibly commissioned for a magazine feature or a newspaper article to follow a personality around for a day.

Stage Performer’s Identity Vanishes in Time

Like an Alfred Hitchcock mystery this lady really has vanished! I really could use an Agatha Christie sleuth to help find her identity or at the very least a theatre historian!

Recent suggestions for the lady’s identity could be actresses January Jones, Gillian Anderson or the singer Nina (of Nina & Frederik). The photographs certainly predate the first two suggestions and I am certain predate Nina as well!

Can You Help Identify The Performer?

I am presenting all 6 photographs here. I hope you enjoy looking at them and if you can help provide the identity of the lady in question, I would love to hear from you!

  • If you have any information on the photographs origin and the subject, please email me via
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