Kidsmoke To Release New Album – A Vision In The Dark

Rising Welsh band Kidsmoke are set to release their debut album, A Vision in the Dark on 19th June 2020 via Libertino Records.

The new project comes a year after the release of indie-pop track She Takes You Under, in 2019. The Summer worthy single received a great number of streams, surpassing over 14,000 plays on Spotify and 8,000 on SoundCloud.

The new project follows on from a thriving 2019, which saw the quadruple accumulate a monumental list of credits under their belt, including showcasing at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The bands uplifting track Passenger was chosen for NPR’S Austin 100 playlist, and has since featured on E4’s Made In Chelsea, alongside single Rising Sun. This continued the pathway of opportunities for Kidsmoke, which saw them secure a sync on Netflix’s ‘Black Mirror’ with their track ‘Take Me to the River.’

Kidsmoke’s new album is set for release on June 19, 2020Kidsmoke’s new album is set for release on June 19, 2020

Kidsmoke’s new album is set for release on June 19, 2020

A Vision in the Dark has an elegant dreamy pop sound, with creatively spun rhythms.  The full-length addresses’ topics such as helplessness, relationship dilemmas, negative influences, and even those moments when you must sit back and laugh at yourself. This is evident in tracks such as She Takes You Under, which tackles the subject of dealing with your demons in order to move forward. 

Lance explains:

“The song’s narrative follows someone at odds with themselves; being aware that issues need addressing but feeling reluctant to go back down the rabbit hole. It centres around my experiences with counselling and talk therapy.”

Other tracks such as The Bluest You is a fly on the wall observation of how one individual’s depression is affecting the rest of the household. The melodic track swerves the feelings of the individual suffering, and instead acts as a commentary from the viewpoint of the rest of the family. Talking about the track, James says:

“This is my favourite track. I originally intended for it to be an instrumental – thankfully I soon decided against that idea. I knew from the moment it was written that it was destined to be the last track on the album.”

  • Kidsmoke’s new album A Vision In The Dark is set for release in 19th June 2020 via Libertino Records.

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