Hansh Short Film Festival Winner Announced

The film 03YB is the winner of the first ever Her Ffilm Fer Hansh Short Film Challenge.

Creating an original short film within 48 hours was the challenge facing film makers from Friday 19 June to Sunday 21 June. At the beginning of the 48-hour window, it was announced on Hansh that the chosen genre for the competition was horror, while the chosen theme was colour.

Kiko’s 03YB, wins Hansh Short Film Festival

With a total of 42 films submitted by film makers from across Wales and beyond, the panel of judges decided that the film 03YB, by Kiko, a partnership between Siân Adler and Lewys Mann, was the worthy winner of the competition and the £1,000 prize. The announcement was made on the Hansh Facebook Live page on Tuesday 23 June, by competition presenter, actress Annes Elwy, star of Craith/Hidden and Little Women.

Every film created for the competition is now available to view on the website www.herffilmfer.cymru and the Hansh Youtube page, www.youtube.com/hanshs4c. The competition was held in partnership by Hansh and the Tinint production company, which is a part of the Tinopolis Cymru group.

The winners, Siân Adler and Lewys Mann live in Pontypridd and run a company called Trigger Happy Creative, which produces music videos for artists.

Siân said:

“We usually film music videos, but because of lockdown, we haven’t got any work. So, it was great to have the opportunity to create a horror film. Lewys likes writing scripts, so he enjoyed the challenge of this competition.

“We both stayed up until 5.30am and got up around 9am to finish the film effects. It was stressful but we really enjoyed it. There’s a huge feeling of relief when you click the ‘send’ button at the end of it all.

“We were so happy to hear that we had won. We had so much fun making the film, we would like to continue making short films now, but perhaps give ourselves a bit more than 48 hours next time!”

Before and during the challenge, a number of established film producers and script writers, including Euros Lyn, Fflur Dafydd and Siôn Griffiths held video masterclass sessions to share their advice on the different elements of film making and how to make the most of limited resources.

On the competition’s judging panel were:

  • Hannah Thomas – Producer: Craith/Hidden, Under Milk Wood, Becoming Human
  • Euros Lyn – Director: Dr Who, Broadchurch, Y Llyfrgell/The Library Suicides
  • Ed Thomas – Producer: Y Gwyll/Hinterland, Gwaith Cartref, Pen Talar
  • Gwenllian Gravelle – S4C Drama Commissioner, Un Bore Mercher/Keeping Faith producer
  • Rhodri ap Dyfrig – Online Content Commissioner for S4C and Hansh

Hansh Short Film Festival “A Cause For Celebration For The Future Of Welsh Cinema” Says Euros Lyn

Director Euros Lyn said:

“Seeing over 40 films bring produced in 48 hours by a new generation of film makers is truly a cause for celebration for the future of Welsh cinema. So many of the films succeeded in telling an original story with emotion, and genuinely frightened the life out of me!

“At the top of my list was the winner 03YB and Campwaith – both simple, yet dark stories told with humour. For anyone wishing to be enthralled and terrified simultaneously by our talented future film makers, I would tell them to watch the films now on Hansh.”

Gwenllian Gravelle, S4C Drama Commissioner said:

“It was a very tough decision to pick the winner because so many of the films stood out in their own way. 03YB is a film with excellent production values. The lighting, framing and performances were outstanding and it was clear that they had thrived with the genre and theme.

“I hope this will inspire people to continue making films and I am already looking forward to seeing what these talented producers will create in the future.”