Ada Morghe Releases Second Album – Box

Actress, scriptwriter, children’s author and  jazz singer, Ada Morghe (aka Alexandra Helmig), releases her second album, Box, on August 14.

The album is Ada’s response to not wishing her creative talents to be compartmentalised into any specific “box”. The first single from the album, Oh My Love produced by Hans-Martin Buff, is one of her personal favourites and inspired by a self-composed love letter.

Ada recalls: “The song began when a German magazine asked four writers to do essays about the elements and mine was on the air. At first, I approached it scientifically and it was really boring. Then I decided to write a love letter to the air which I called ‘Oh My Love’ and suddenly it worked. When we recorded it, I started reading the words to this love letter and the musicians played without any planning, and within the first 40 seconds we all knew it was special”.

Ada’s career in music began three years ago, after she wrote and starred in a play, then a film, called ‘Mother Bee’. A pun in its German title, Frau Mutter Tier, refers to an overprotective mother. Having been encouraged to also write songs for the film, those compositions fell into the hands of former Prince collaborator Hans-Martin Buff and just six week later, Alexandra found herself recording at Abbey Road. That ultimately put Alexandra in the relatively unusual position of releasing her debut album ‘Pictures’ in her 40s, which has gained over a 1 million streams.

For someone who cannot be put in a box, how does Ada feel about being labelled as a jazz singer of verve, passion and elegance?

“Music makes sense to me because everything is in there,” she replies. “There is the writer, the musician, the performer. And this album is about where I am now.”

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