Review: Hijinx Theatre’ Metamorphosis, Green Man Festival – Field of Streams

Seren Howells takes time out to review Hijinx Theatre’s latest presentation, Metamorphosis, presented online via the Green Man Festival 2020 event, Field of Streams.

Hijinx theatre’s play Metamorphosis is a mesmerising performance which gave a different perspective of theatre because of how this was presented on Zoom. An interesting part of Metamorphosis was its interactivity by including the part of the bartender. Throughout the performance he would ask people to turn on their cameras and talk to them, but then there were also poll’s which would go with the theme of the presentation.

Because this piece was filmed over Zoom each actor had to make and use their own set and props from their own homes, which I thought was very creative and there were some good uses of different items from each person’s home. One example was when one of the actors (Lindsay) used blankets and ring lights to help create different lighting effects and a feel to the scene in this piece which you wouldn’t really think you could do in your own home. Another part which made this an interesting performance was the way how it was edited which added a spooky atmosphere to the piece along with all the music which really brought Metamorphosis together.

I felt very drawn to the story of this production and it really captivated me and i wanted to carry on watching the whole thing. Throughout the whole production I had no idea what was going to happen next which made me excited as it left me to my imagination to guess what was coming. Even though there were some points of which I did not understand what was happening completely. I believe that every actor did an amazing job with this production especially since it was all presented via Zoom which is very impressive. I would watch something like this again because I had an amazing time.

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