Gritty and Heart-Warming Drama With The Variety Girls

The world of music hall and variety has been revived in a gritty and heart-warming new wartime saga published by Ebury Press.

The Variety Girls comes from the pen of Dorset based writer Tracy Baines. From the age of sixteen, Tracy immersed herself in the world of stage by working on everything from summer seasons to pantomimes. It was while working as a stage manager on a show with The Nolan Sisters that she met her future husband – himself a stage performer.

Tracy’s in-depth knowledge of the theatre world puts her in a good position to bring The Variety Girls to life in two books, The Variety Girls (available now from all book sellers) and The Variety Girls at Christmas (to be published on October 15, 2020).

The Variety Girls by Tracy Baines is available from all book stockists now
The Variety Girls

The Variety Girls opens on the eve of World War II. After the tragic death of her father, aspiring singer Jessie Delaney has been forced to live with her bullying aunt and dreams of getting the break of a lifetime to escape. When cast as one of the Variety Girls in a new show at Cleethorpes Empire Theatre, Jessie hopes this is the new beginning she has been longing for. But following her dreams on stage will mean separation from her sweetheart Harry.

As Jessie starts her new job, it is not long before she forms a close-knit friendship with Frances and Dolly, although the girls soon find life on and off stage isn’t always glamorous. And with the country on the brink of war, everyone is facing an uncertain future. Can friendship help Jessie through the challenges ahead?

Christmas With the Variety Girls by Tracy Baines will be published on October 15, 2020
Christmas with The Variety Girls

The success of the first book in The Variety Girls series has meant that a second has already been scheduled.

Christmas with The Variety Girls focuses on dancer Frances and the Variety Girls struggles to find work when war has been declared.  However, Frances is hiding a secret. As far as her best friend Jessie knows, Frances is a young aunt who adores her niece, Imogen – but what she does not know is that their relationship runs much deeper. Now, with the sweetheart who cruelly abandoned her returning to England, will her secret finally be revealed?

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