My Music DNA: Laura Wilcockson of Sunbirds

Sunbirds debut album Cool To Be Kind is available on Friday 27th November from Nectar Records.

Led by Dave Hemmingway and guitarist, songwriter and collaborator Phil Barton, Sunbirds’ Cool To Be Kind is produced by Teo Miller and captures truthful, open-hearted, funny and sometimes painfully honest songs.

The Sunbirds line-up is completed by legendary UK session drummer, Marc Parnell and Laura Wilcockson on vocals and violin.

Sunbirds debut album is called Cool to Be Kind

Here, in the third of our Music DNA features with Sunbirds, Andy Howells puts questions to Laura, who comes from a classical, orchestral and folk background and finds out about the music that has inspired her.

What was the first song that made an impact on you?

4 Non Blondes – What’s Up.  I remember hearing it for the first time and thinking, “Wow! She really means that…” (I was 4)

What was the first single you bought?

The first single I owned was Ace of Base – The Sign. My dad bought it for me to apologise for accidentally breaking my Barbie Doll! The first single I bought myself was actually Technohead – I Want to be a Hippy

What was the first album you owned?

Ed Alleyne Johnson – Purple Electric Violin. I fell in love with it long before I ever even held a violin and he’s still one of my greatest influences.

What’s your constant go to track?

LP – Lost on You

What’s your constant go to album?

There are two, Pink Floyd – The Wall and Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Who’s your latest music discovery?

I recently discovered and instantly adored The Dead Weather

What’s your own track that best defines you as an artist?

Stars Still Shine

Check out Sunbirds online:

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