Fan Recalls Meeting Rock Legends Little Richard & Bo Diddley at Cardiff Show With Rare Photographs

Back in May, our Throwback Thursday feature paid tribute to music legend Little Richard who supported the Everly Brothers at their Cardiff show on October 6, 1963.

We were delighted last week to hear from Terrence McRann, who now resides in Australia who attended the show. Terrence was fortunate enough to get backstage and meet two of the show’s stars, Little Richard and Bo Diddley, as well as take a selection of unique photographs of the pair, several of which he later got autographed when meeting them again years later.

Little Richard at Colston Hall, Bristol, 1962

Terrence had first crossed paths with Little Richard nearly a year beforehand on October 15, 1962 when the star played Bristol’s Colston Hall.

Terrence says, “Backstage, Richard got excited on seeing my friend with a copy of his latest album, the Mercury gospel album produced by Quincy Jones.

“He said “Sam he’s got my latest album – look”! Sam being Sam Cooke! Billy Preston was also with the tour, playing keyboards alongside Richard. He was sixteen!”

Little Richard and Bo Diddley In Cardiff, 1963

A year later, Richard along with Bo Diddley supported The Everly Brothers on their package tour which played Cardiff’s Capitol. Terence got to meet the legend once again and confessed, “I did not work at The Capitol, it was a matter of bluff in many cases, walking in as if I should be there.”

Although Terrence attended the show, he only saw part of it, but still has memories of Little Richard and Bo Diddley’s performances. “I only witnessed Richard and Bo perform,” says Terrence, “The rest of the time, I was backstage spending time with them (friends were sometimes present).”

Bo Diddley took to the stage with percussionist Jerome Green. Jerome is best remembered for playing maracas and acting as Bo Diddley’s foil during performances and recordings in the 1950s and early 1960s.

Terrence recalls, “Bo and Jerome did The Pepsodent Song – ” I wonder where the yellow went…”! I have not heard him perform it since that time.”

True to their onstage personas – Diddley and Jerome sprang into action backstage of which Terrence captured for posterity.

“In one situation, Bo picked up Jerome’s maracas, he did not like this and quickly grabbed them back!” says Terrence.

Also featured in a candid shot is Norma-Jean Wofford, Diddley’s rhythm guitarist whom he nicknamed “The Duchess” and told male admirers that she was his sister.

Terrence also briefly ran into one of the tours supporting acts, The Rolling Stones who had recently cracked the UK charts with their first single, “Come On.” “Going from one dressing room to the other, I had to squeeze between the Rolling Stones, with an “Excuse me guys” apology!”

Little Richard At Sophia Gardens, Cardiff, 1963

Terrence caught up with Little Richard again when the star played Cardiff’s Sophia Gardens in November 1963 with support from guitar legend, Duane Eddy and girl group, The Shirelles.

Terrence remembers the girl group who charted with Will You Love Me Tomorrow?  “While waiting for Richard they came to talk and were very friendly. This was a concert that Duane Eddy could not use his band because of union restrictions, he was to do an acoustic set!”

Terrence had moved to Melbourne by the early 1970s but still managed to run into his music heroes again on individual occasions (colour photographs featured above) and get his mementoes from the Cardiff shows autographed.

  • Thanks to Terrence McRann for sharing his photographs and memories with us.
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