My Music DNA: Singer/Songwriter Charlotte Young

After storming onto the country music scene with a Number 1 UK Country debut single Whiplash and Number 1 EP Blown Away, Charlotte Young is set to return with her latest single Praying for Rain.

A critically acclaimed, chart-topping country singer-songwriter from Birmingham, Charlotte takes influence from Johnny Cash, The Eagles and Carrie Underwood, creating a unique sound that strikes a balance with old-fashioned country feelings and contemporary country sounds.

Charlotte’s debut single Whiplash reached No.1 in the UK Country iTunes Chart and the Euro Academy of Country Music Chart following success across Europe. The accompanying debut EP Blown Away – debuted at No.1 in the UK Country iTunes Album Chart.

Her new release Praying for Rain was inspired by an episode of One Tree Hill,

Charlotte says ’I wanted to write something from the perspective of one of the characters…I know how upsetting it can be during a breakup and rewrote the verses into a story’.

“After such an exciting year I am really looking forward to releasing my brand-new single. I wanted to show my love for a power ballad and hope that everyone enjoys something that incorporates familiarity but with something new and my own spin on love and loss…”

Charlotte, who is currently working on an EP which will be released in 2021, explains her music influences to Andy Howells.

What was the first song that made an impression on you?

I think it was Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers. I remember my mom telling me that I would sing it all the time when I was little, and I remember hearing it on old music channels and just loving hearing it.

What was the first single you bought?

The first single I bought with my own money was She Will Be Loved by Maroon Five! They had the single on cd at Woolworths.

What was the first album you owned?

So technically it would be the first album I got bought for Christmas which was the Bob the Builder album! ( I was four, so it’s not weird!)  After that if it’s the first one I bought, I think it was Taylor Swift’s Fearless.

What’s your Go To track?

My go to track is my favourite song in the world and it’s My Girl by The Temptations. Just think it is so cheerful and never fails to make me smile.

And your go to album?

The album I always turn to is either Carnival Ride by Carrie Underwood or Rumours by Fleetwood Mac, perfect albums in my opinion.

Who’s your latest music discovery?

 My latest discovery that I can’t stop listening to is probably Tyler Childers, I’m pretty late to the party but man he’s awesome!

What track describes you best as an artist?

Sonically, Blown Away because I love a full sound but in terms of putting myself out there, It would be Passenger Side!

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