My Music DNA: Remmel of Steve’n’Seagulls

Steve’n’Seagulls is a Finnish band playing bluegrass(ish) versions of classic rock and original tracks with an astonishing arsenal of acoustic instruments ranging almost the whole alphabet starting from accordion, banjo, Cajon, drums, double bass and so forth. Dressed in denim, overalls, beaver hats and other, they look like those nice cousins living up in the mountains enjoying the day with moonshine, tractor and BBQ. 

Having originally uploaded their hilariously hillbillified but air-tightly played rendition of AC/DC’s seminal Thunderstruck on YouTube they found themselves in the receiving end of the shock of their lifetimes in the form of millions of viewers.

Their debut Farm Machine was released in 2015 and while more albums have followed. Tireless touring has earned the band a growing fan base around the world, of which they are known for their airtight, entertaining, and musically varying live performances 

Earlier in 2020, Steve n Seagulls hit the studio and finished their fourth album, Another Miracle (available from November 20th) featuring original music, accompanied with borrowed classics such as Master of Puppets and My Sharona.  The band will also be delighting fans with a live show streaming online at 6.00pm on November 20th. Visit Vimeo for more details.

Remmel of the band discusses his Music DNA with Andy Howells.

What was the first song that made an impact on you?

I remember listening to Jimi Hendrix album Axis Bold As Love as a kid and especially the song Ain’t No Telling. For some reason I just kept on listening to that song over and over again. I still listen to it quite often. There’s something to that groove and guitar parts that are special to me.

What was the first single you bought?

Well, I have not bought many singles. But I did buy a cd single of Train of Consequences by Megadeth. If I remember correctly, there were some extra tracks and maybe some live stuff there too. I was a big Megadeth fan in my teens.

What was the first album you owned?

I Listened a lot of LPs at my home as a kid. But they were not mine. I did get a c-cassette from my godfather. It was Black Album by Metallica. That might have been the first one. We did a lot of mix-tapes with my older brother back in the day too.

What’s your constant go to track?

There are many. To name just one, maybe Heart of Gold by Neil Young. It’s just such an amazing song. A beautiful melody and the way it’s delivered. It’s pure beauty and art to me. And the vocals are out of this world.

What’s your constant go to album?

I’d like to say, referring to earlier, Harvest by Neil Young. But let’s say a live album Weld by Neil Young & Crazy Horse from early 90’s. It’s the other side of NY. Where Harvest etc. are beautiful acoustic albums, this one is raw and distorted. Awesome songs with a tremendous energy and with a style only NY & CH know how to do. The first Neil Young album I fell in love with as a youngster. It is beautiful in every dimension of that word.

Who’s your latest music discovery?

A Finnish album Taipale Broadcast (Vol.1) by Bizzarro & Jukka Nissinen. A friend of mine has a music/vintage store and he said I should buy that LP. He was right. It’s raw and delicate at the same time. Plus Jukka Nissinen writes awesome lyrics.

What’s your own track that best defines you as an artist?

Us as a band. That’s a tough one since there are so many sides to us. There are covers and originals. I’ll choose from the new Another Miracle album. If it’d be a re-arranged track it’d be Master of Puppets. If an original, it’d be maybe Lion Tamer. They are both tracks that I feel no hesitation on. We are just what we are. I love that feeling. I think it is awesome when we are able just to play music without any thought of the outside world.

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