The Debutantes Christmas Single Brings Mental Health Awareness To The Fore

AMIDST these strange and desperate times, the issue of mental health has come to the fore as a nation struggles to find its emotional feet. Cardiff duo The Debutantes are determined to do all they can to help and have released a Christmas record in a bid to raise additional awareness of this increasingly worrying problem.

The track, entitled Reunited (Merry Christmas) features sisters Victoria and Lavinia George -Veale.

Debutantes Address Importance of Mental Health Awareness

Victoria, a former ”Miss International Woman Of Achievement” was recently announced as the Face of ‘The Women Of Hearts Awards’ (WOHA) with a particular emphasis on mental health.

Victoria explains, ”This is a fantastic project, which aims to inspire, educate, empower, and celebrate women who are doing incredible work. It will go towards making a difference in the world in the fields of charity, humanity, activism, philanthropy, and leadership”.

“It is so important that we raise awareness for mental health always, especially during this time when we have restrictions in place”.

”We need to provide that extra support for people when they feel they cannot access it so easily’. A safe space called “The Happy Hub” has been created for anyone suffering with mental health issues where you can talk to each other, and brighten up someone’s day with positive messages or happy quotes”

Debutantes To Donate 50% Of Christmas Single Proceeds To Charity

The girls are donating 50% of the proceeds to Mental Health Foundation.

Lavinia says ”We can only hope that by next Christmas we will all be feeling a whole lot better. Reunited both mentally and physically … that’s all we can wish for.

“We hope to bring some Christmas cheer with our single and festive music video! (see above) Even when one of us is located in Wales and the other in England, we managed to create our final lockdown video which would reflect upon current life circumstances for everyone to relate to.”

  • Reunited (Merry Christmas) by The Debutantes is released via Let It Rock Music through Horus Music Distribution and available on all major platforms.
  • Visit The Debutantes official website

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