Rare Dorothy Squires Film Musical, Stars In Your Eyes, Set For Blu-Ray Release

The one and only big screen appearance of Welsh singing star, Dorothy Squires, unseen publicly for over 50 years is to be released on DVD and Blu-Ray by Network on December 14.

British comedy musical romance, Stars in Your Eyes, which was made in 1956, is a love letter to the last days of variety that has lost none of its warmth and heart in the six decades since it was first filmed.

Stars In Your Eyes Features Script By Carry On Writer, Talbot Rothwell

The film follows a group of feisty, talented young performers who pool their resources and buy a dilapidated theatre to showcase their acts, but unscrupulous property developers also want the theatre and resort to dirty tricks to disrupt the first night’s performance!

Stars in Your Eyes  features fabulous musical numbers, sparkling comedy routines and tear-jerking romance it showcases a terrific cast of stars of the day, and stars in the making: Pat Kirkwood, Dorothy Squires (in her only big screen appearance), Nat Jackley and Bonar Colleano feature alongside future Carry On star  Joan Sims, Jimmy Clitheroe, Freddie Frinton and Vera Day.

Stars in Your Eyes is directed by the most prolific director in British cinema history Maurice Elvey from a script by Talbot Rothwell (later to write many Carry On films).

Dorothy Squires Only Big Screen Role Unseen For 50 Years

Adelphi Films’ classic feature has not been seen publicly for over 50 years and is now available for the first time in a brand-new High Definition restoration from original film elements in its original Camerascope theatrical aspect ratio.

The film also features the only big screen role of Welsh singer and entertainer Dorothy Squires, remembered for her hit records The Gypsy, A Tree in the Meadow and Say It With Flowers of which she performed with pianist, Russ Conway. Squires was famously married for a time to the actor, Roger Moore.

To accompany Stars in Your Eyes, the release also includes special features from the Adelphi Films collection including A Ray of Sunshine (1950, 54 mins), The Nitwits on Parade (1949, 24 mins) and The Kilties are Coming (1952, 52 mins).

The release also features Image galleries for all four films and a special commemorative booklet.

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